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Finish colors stains and paints to choose from (view entire page)

Pick from many, many choices of finish colors -

There is a gallery on the bottom of this page to help picture stains on projects that we have done.

What will your color be?

I have a few rules - 

1. I will not pick the finish colors or give my opinion.  There are too many variables, like other colors in your home, that I wouldn't be a great resource so I'll pass this one to family and friends!

2.  I don't guess,  or color match color, from a picture.  If you have a color in mind research this page for similar colors or may be where you found the picture, they may have listed what the color was.  If you see a picture on this website, send it over and I can tell you the color.

Stains - 

We use the Rustoleum and Minwax stains (as long as Lowe's or Home Depot have them available).  There are certain Sherwin-Williams stains that we can get as well ($15 add for SW stain and some premium varathane stains may add the same). 

Can we mix stains?  Yes, as long as you know what and how.

Can we layer stains, one on another? Yes, as long as you can provide instructions on how.

No commercial stains, very strong odor!

Rustoleum Wood Stains (Kona is a popular color) -

Minwax Wood Stains -

Sherwin-Williams interior wood stains -

Paint - 

We use Valspar paints and there are many, many colors!  Since Lowe's now offers Sherwin-Williams paints, I can get those colors also.

I keep Valspar Ultra White, Polished Ivory (creamy, off white) and black in stock.

Colors besides in stock colors may add $20.

Valspar paints:

We can do multi colored finishes, distressed finishes (worn below) or physical distressing click here to view those.  Some of this add-ons may be additional cost.


We use spar urethane, satin.  Semi-gloss and gloss are available by request.

Spar urethane is an indoor/outdoor product and is very durable.  Spar Urethane is specially formulated as a protective clear finish for exterior or interior wood exposed to sunlight, water, or temperature changes.  It contains UV blockers to reduce the sun's graying and fading effects, forms a protective barrier against rain and moisture, and special oils allow the finish to expand and contract with the wood as seasons and temperatures change (info from the product website).  

Q. - What is the difference between unfinished and finished?

A. -  Unfinished is a raw wood product in which we do not sand, stain, paint or seal.  Finished is where we do sand, stain, paint and seal in a satin clear coat finish (available in semi-gloss and gloss upon request).

Many finish color options
Many finish color options

Here are a few pictures for distressing to the worn look

Option 1 - is where we paint over the wood to get a raw wood/paint worn look

Option 1 - is where we paint over the wood and sand it down to get a raw wood/paint worn look

Option 1 

Normally addition $20 per table, $10 per bench and $5 per chair


Option 1


 Option 1 


 Option 1 


 Option 1 


 Option 1 

Option 2

Option 2 - is where we stain the wood, paint over and give a worn look


Option 2 - is where we stain the wood, paint over to give it a worn look with multiple colors of the raw wood/paint/stain.  Normally addition $50 per table, $20 per bench and $15 per chair


Option 2


 Option 2


 Option 2


 Option 2


 Option 2