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​Text or call 1-918-344-6929.

If you would like a quote or to order, make sure to have the style, colors and dimensions ready to go. 

Give me a call or send a text with all details. 

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Text a picture or sketch and I will let you know if I can build it.

Most builders will have a similar note on their page regarding solid wood products.  Please keep in mind we are building solid wood furnishings that could potentially crack, split, shrink or bow in certain areas.  Wood is an organic product and with different weather conditions, humidity, it has a mind of its own!  I believe any of these features (cracks, splits, knots, bowing, gaps, shrink) the wood is adding its own authentic character to your custom furnishing.  We do glue, pocket hole screw and wood fill (optional) our table tops to close the seams as best as possible.  Wood fill is optional please let me know if you would like to add it at no additional charge.  At times the wood fill can crack, whether you leave it as is or more wood fill can be added to reseal (stain/clear).  I can definitely give steps to add wood fill back, its easy process and I just like using it because it aids in keeping food from getting between the seams.


I will not offer refunds, repairs or exchanges if any of these instances are to occur.  We take a lot of pride in our furnishings when we build them however there are somethings like this that you or I cannot control.